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Diesel Engine Repair

Lift Services

Transmission Repair
Brake Services
There are a variety of telltale signs indicating that your brakes need to be checked, those signs include: vehicle vibrations or rattling when applying the brakes, soft brake pedal (stopping takes added time) or hearing a squeaking/grinding sound when using the brakes. It is crucial to maintain proper braking function on your vehicle and is recommended to have your brakes checked at least once a year even if you haven’t experienced any of the telltale signs. At Schema’s Auto Service & Sales our certified technicians can provide a thorough brake system inspection, correcting any current brake component failures and spotting possible future braking issues. Our automotive brake services include:
  • Brake Pad / Shoe Replacement
  • Caliper Repair / Replacement
  • Rotor / Drum Replacement
  • Brake System Diagnostics
  • Rotor / Drum Refinishing
  • Brake Hydraulic Flushing & Refilling
Computer Diagnostics
At Schema’s Auto Service & Sales we have the factory diagnostic equipment to accurately pinpoint and diagnose your vehicle’s problem(s). In some cases past experience allows us to easily locate and correct vehicle issues; but in some cases vehicle problems are intermittent, appearing and disappearing at unexplained times. Fortunately, with the use of sophisticated computer diagnostics, we can diagnose irregular issues in even the most technologically advanced vehicle systems.

Whether you drive a Ford F250 / F350 Powerstroke, a Dodge Ram Cummins or a compact car, we have the ability to quickly locate vehicle failures. When your vehicle is experiencing issues, no matter how large or small, don’t take it lightly; something is definitely interfering with normal functions and it should be looked into by a certified automotive professional. Contact Schema’s Auto Service & Sales to discuss problems that you are experiencing.

Diesel Engine Repair
Today's diesel engines are complex machines that require extensive training in order to diagnose and fix most problems. Unfortunately the advanced skills and equipment needed usually come at a premium cost from most qualified diesel shops. However, here at Schema's Auto Service & Sales you get the best of both worlds - expert diesel service at a fair price.

We own and maintain the necessary Ford Factory diagnostic equipment to precisely diagnose your truck’s engine malfunction(s). Whether it is a 7.3 Liter, 6.0 Liter, 6.4 Liter, or a 6.7 Liter Powerstroke; we can fix it!

At Schema's Auto Service we also provide diesel engine modifications / performance upgrades. We can take your diesel to the next level with, programming, injectors, and more. When you're not getting the power you expect from your diesel engine, let our certified diesel technicians take a look under the hood and suggest the exact performance upgrades you need.

Shuttle Service
At Schema’s Auto Service & Sales we provide free shuttle services throughout Faribault, MN. Simply contact our repair shop to set-up a time… 507-491-5013.

Steering/Suspension Repair
Does your vehicle want to turn when you just want to go straight? Do you feel as though your vehicle is bouncing down the road instead of rolling smoothly? If so, your car is trying to tell you something… it has an issue. While you may not speak your vehicle’s language, we can. Bring it to Schema’s Auto Service & Sales and let us translate for you.

Whether it’s pulling to one side, bouncing like you’re on a trampoline or just poor steering control, our trained and experienced technicians can correct the problem. Maintaining precise vehicle control requires a couple of things: a good suspension system and proper wheel alignment. At Schema’s we can diagnose and repair conventional suspension systems (shock absorbers) as well as strut-based systems. If you feel you’re experiencing improper steering or poor suspension, give us a call; we will get your vehicle driving straight and riding smooth again in no time.

Transmission Repair
As a full-service auto repair shop we have necessary diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately detect difficult transmission issues. By pairing dealer equipment with our know-how and experience we can promptly correct any transmission malfunction.

  • Cable Adjustments
  • Connection Repair
  • Fluid Flushes & Refills
  • Lift Inspections
  • Pan Gasket Replacements
  • Part Replacement / Repair
  • Sensor Replacement
  • Transmission Filter Replacements
  • Transmission Reseal Services
  • Transmission Rebuilding
Issues related to transmission malfunctions include:
  • Power loss when accelerating
  • Transmission is unable to go into gear
  • Hard or late gear shifting
  • Slipping
  • Chatter or grinding noise in the transmission
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Vehicle is unable to move
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